What is the proximity to indoor kitchen for shared services?
Where is Outdoor Kitchen placed in relation to the wider area?
Is there a prevailing wind?
Is the Kitchen in full or partial sun through the day?
How will utilities be connected?


Natural or LPG Gas?
Do I have enough electrical outlets?
Will I need plumbing? If so do I need Hot & Cold water?
Do I have sufficient lighting as part of my plan?
Have I considered provision for future growth (ex entertainment system)?


How often do I entertain?
Being the heart of the ODK, does my BBQ need to be Good, Better or Best?
What do I need and what do I want?
Am I open to affordable options with compromise?
Do product warranties carry value and benefit in my decision?

Design & Function

Do I want my Outdoor Kitchen to be self sufficient?
Do I have enough bench space for prep areas?
Have I selected the right BBQ for how I want to cook?
Do I have enough storage for everything I want?
Do I need an internal organization system?

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