Improving Melbourne Homes with Outdoor BBQ Kitchens

Sharing a meal in the sunshine and fresh air with family and friends beats staying cooped up indoors any day of the week. However, the layout of your property can play a big part in how motivated you are to get outdoors, which is where the team from Lime Tree Alfresco comes in.

We specialise in beautiful outdoor bbq kitchens in a variety of shapes and styles to help you create or revitalise an open-air entertainment area. These freestanding units are designed to withstand the punishment of the elements during both summer and winter, as they use both UV and water resistant materials to keep them functioning and looking great for years to come.


Socialise with family and friends over a BBQ in any season

With a new BBQ from Lime Tree Alfresco you will have an easy excuse to invite friends and family over to enjoy a delicious feed in the ambience of open air dining. You don’t have to be an expert chef to cook amazing food, and it’s a great way to stay social with your guests by sharing a drink and a chat while the meal is being prepared.

We understand that there are a number of different ways you may want to use the space, so we have a variety of possible additions we can install to our outdoor kitchens to suit your needs. From a fridge and sinks to waterproof cabinets, the area can be fully customised so meet all your requirements and achieve the ultimate in open-air leisure and entertainment.


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